Kathy the CopyWriter


I am Kathy the Copywriter – an impassioned writer with a curiosity and wanderlust that takes me far and wide. I’ve been schooled by the best of the best in Minnesota; creative writing teachers at the University of Minnesota and the Loft Literary Center, the smartest advertising teachers and art-director partnerships at Brainco, and the best professional mentors and peers at Shandwick International and Bozell Kamstra.

I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast, which led me to Bozeman, Mont., one of the best playgrounds I’ve come to know. That’s where I gained the confidence to become an avid backcountry skier and camper, a hiker and kayaker.

Give me a marketing problem that needs to be solved and I’ll volley back ample solutions in return. Ask me to walk a mile in your client’s shoes and I’ll do just that; and then I’ll write directly to them from my firsthand experience. Present me with an opportunity that challenges me to grow as an outdoor writer and copywriter – and my curiosity will lead both of us to the most viable solution.

My talented technical beau and I created this site to showcase my talents and fun side. I am always in the market for freelance jobs and marketing projects.

I am Kathy the Copywriter, and I am grateful for the opportunity to meet you.


Welcome to my World